Forex Brokers Debit Cards

Which are the best forex brokers offering debit cards?

Not too many brokers offer a Mastercard Debit Card for direct withdrawals from the trading account. We recommend the following four brokers for those interested in getting a broker-issued debit card and have instant access to their trading winnings:

1. XM

XM Debit Card

2. Hot Forex

Hot Forex Debit Card

3. Ava Trade

Ava Trade Debit Card


Advantages of using a broker-issued debit card

There are several advantages of having a debit card attached to the trading account. Here are the first two benefits:

1) Instant access to your winnings. You can use your winnings to make online purchases or withdraw cash from an ATM just minutes after you closed the winning trade.

2) You add a nice-looking card in your wallet and everyone will envy you for holding a forex debit card that proves you are a successful trader.


List of the best brokers accepting deposits and withdrawals via debit and credit cards

If you are only looking for some reliable forex brokers that accept deposits and withdrawals via debit and credit card here you can see our top five picks:

1. XM

2. Hot Forex

3. Ava Trade

4. IC Markets

5. Etoro


I am from USA. What can I do? No international forex brokers accept US customers.

We know how troublesome is for US residents to find a reliable forex broker. No international forex broker accepts US customers because of the tough US regulation and US based brokers are very expensive and ineffective since they have very little competition. On top of that, they don't even allow deposits and withdrawals via debit or credit cards.

The good news is that there are still ways for US traders to speculate on the forex market using an international broker and making fast deposits and withdrawals using a debit or a credit card. The best way to do this is to trade through a binary options broker. This type of trading the forex market is very easy as you only have to predict the direction of the price movement within a predefined time frame and win a fixed amount (usually 80% or more of the trade value). The best way to discover binary options is to try them yourself. We recommend the following brokers accepting US customers:

1. Videforex


Any additional advise?

Yes! We have one more advise for you. Always trade with caution and never trade when tired. Don't do excessive trading and always set some targets when starting a trading session. Don't try to avenge bad trades and recover losses immediately. Stick to your general plan as it will pay off in the long run. Be a disciplined trader and you will get much better results.

And one more thing:

Good Luck!

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Attention: Trading forex or binary options involves risk. This is why you should never trade with money you cannot afford to lose.