XM Debit Card

XM broker offers free Mastercard Debit Card for its clients

XM is one the leading forex brokers in the world. On top of all the amazing features offered by this broker is the XM Debit Card. As a client of XM you can order a debit card for only 10 Euros (you can have more than one card if you want). But the best part is that you can get your first debit card for free, if your account balance at XM is over 2,000 USD.

What is the XM Debit Card?

The debit card offered by XM is powered by Mastercard and it can be used anywhere in the world where Mastercard is accepted. You can use it online, in stores or to withdraw cash at any ATM. The Mastercard offered by XM can be in Euros or in US Dollars, depending on your choice.

You can fill up your card balance from you trading balance anytime you want at no cost. This gives you total control of your funds on your trading account as well as on your debit card. You can have two debit cards if you like, one in Euros and one in Dollars.

For more information go to XM's website: XM.COM


Attention: Trading forex or binary options involves risk. This is why you should never trade with money you cannot afford to lose.

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